Olympic Weightlifting

In this class we focus on the proper technique of the Three Olympic lifts. (The Clean, The Jerk and the Snatch) This class will not have a WOD component to it. However, it will consist of skill development in the Olympic lifting, strength building exercises and auxilary lifts. All of which are designed to improve Strength, Agility, Balance, Coordination, Flexiblity and prevent injury. These lifts are paramount in increasing both Speed and Power. Olympic Weightlifting has become a very important part of the CrossFit community.

This class is a great supplement to CrossFit and will result in tremendous improvements in your overall CrossFit proformance and over all fitness. The class will meet every Wednesday night at 6:30pm class will last one hour. The class will be taught by Coach Carlo Mattia. CrossFit Level 2 Certified, CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certified and USAW Olympic Weightlifting coach.