Part I.

For Time:

100 Double Unders

1,000 meter Run

1,ooo meter Row

50 Double Unders

500 meter Run

500 meter Row

(Scale DU’s to fewer per round or 200 and 100 singles)

Part II.

5 Rounds;

:30 seconds max Deadhang Pull-ups or Muscle-Ups

:30 seconds max Flutterkicks

:30 seconds Rest






As you know, our 6th Annual BBQ is Saturday, August 2nd from 3:00 -10:00 pm. We currently have over 90 people signed-up to attend!! We’re hoping to grow that number over the next week – so please sign-up if you haven’t already!  

A few BBQ reminders:

- The address can be found on the whiteboard outside the office.

- There will be a group of us setting up for the party on Saturday morning between 9:00 and 11:00am. If you can volunteer some time, that would be great. There is a sign-up sheet located next to the BBQ whiteboard.

- There will also be a clean up crew between 9:00 and 11:00am on Sunday, August 3rd.  Again, we appreciate any help you can offer and the sign-up sheet is by the whiteboard. 

- Please bring in your $10 ASAP. (Kids are free!)

THANK YOU and we hope to see you all there!!


For Time:

21 – 15 – 9

Thrusters (65lbs./95lbs.)



Part II.

EMOM for 5 minutes:

5 Handstand Push-ups or 15 Push-ups

* Spend any time remaining in each minute holding an active bottom of the squat position (head and chest up, hips back, full depth, weight in heels, knees out, etc.)



Part I.

Climb the ladder as high as possible for 15 minutes:

1 Power Clean (135lbs./205lbs.), 1 Muscle-Up (or 2 Pull-ups)

2 Power Cleans, 2 Muscle-Ups (or 4 Pull-Ups)

3 Power Cleans, 3 Muscle-Ups (or 6 Pull-ups), etc…

Score = Total Reps

Part II.

Rope Climbs – Max climbs in 3 minutes. Or rope climb practice!

Score total ascents on whiteboard or post first ascent on PR board!




“Fight Gone Bad”

In this classic CrossFit workout you will perform maximum reps for 1 minute at each of 5 stations. You will get a 1 minute rest between each 5 minute round and complete a total of 3 rounds.

The 5 stations are:

- Wall Balls (15lbs./20lbs.)
- Sumo Deadlift High-Pulls (55 lbs./75lbs.)
- Box Jumps (20″)
- Push Presses (55lbs./75lbs.)
- Row (Calories)

The clock does not reset or stop between exercises. On call of “rotate,” the athlete must move to next station immediately. One point is given for each repetition, except on the rower where each calorie is one point.

Leaderboard opportunity!!

We will work with a partner today – your partner’s job will be to judge range-of-motion, encourage, and keep count for you. Then you will do the same for them.

(Compare to 4/6/14, 7/6/13, 12/31/12, 10/27/12, 6/13/12, 3/18/12, 9/17/11, 7/21/11)




The CrossFit The Rock Summer BBQ is Saturday, August 2nd. Now only 12 Days Away!

It will again be held in Jamie and Tom’s backyard in Oceanside. Address and directions will be available at the gym.

We are trying to get an accurate head count for the BBQ so we have enough food and drinks for everyone. Please, if you plan on attending, sign-up on the Whiteboard outside the office. THANK YOU!

We would love to have all our members attend this event. Significant others, kids, family and friends are welcome to attend as well. We will have lawn games, a water slide, bounce house and other activities for kids. Food, beer, water, soft drinks and snacks will be provided. We are asking adults to contribute $10 to the BBQ fund. Please bring in your $10 ASAP. Thank You and we hope to see you all there.


For Time:

21 Deadlifts (145lbs./225lbs.)
21 Bastards

500 meter Run

15 Deadlifts
15 Bastards

500 meter Run

9 Deadlifts
9 Bastards




Part I.

With a partner:

Row for max calories in 25 minutes:

Alternate rowing with your partner for 25 minutes for max calories.

In addition, each partner must complete 1,500 meter of total running within the 25 minutes.

Team score = total calories.

Athletes may choose to run their entire 1,500 meters all in one shot, or break it up into intervals (for example: 1 x 1,000 meters and 1 x 500 meters or 3 x 500 meters). The strategy is up to each team!

Part II.

EMOM for 5 minutes:

15 Ab Mat Sit-ups (add weight as long as you can complete the sit-up reps within the minute.)
* Spend any time remaining in each minute holding a plank on your elbows/forearms.





“Rock Runners” Update:

We will meet today – Sunday, July 20th – at 8:30 am sharp at the South Side Middle School track (corner of Lakeview Ave. and Burtis Ave, in RVC).

Coach Pad will be running the show!

Come one, come all! New faces (and feet) are welcome!

Our workouts are always appropriate for both speedy veterans and less speedy newbies!

Any questions please e-mail Larry (larry@crossfittherock.com)


Part I.

“Heavy Fran”

For time: 21 – 15 – 9

Thrusters (95lbs./135lbs.)
Dead Hang Pull-Ups

20 minute time cap.

Part II.

Teams of 3 Airdyne sprints for total meters

3 Rounds:
:30 second work per athlete each round.

Switch places until each team member complete 3 x :30 second sprints.

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