Rock Endurance

The Rock Endurance.

This is a free program that anyone can participate in.

Goal of Rock Endurance: To increase the Aerobic Capacity of all participating athletes. A simple way to think of Aerobic Capacity is the measured rate at which the heart and lungs get oxygen to the muscles. Improving aerobic capacity will have benefits on the track & rower but more importantly it will benefit the way athletes can train inside the gym every day.

Every Saturday, one workout will be posted here on the website as well as in the gym. This workout will be separate from our daily programming. The workout will be designed where it can be completed as a run or as a row.

We will set a time and place to meet at a local track or similar site and complete the workout in a running format every Sunday. Athletes also have the option to complete the workout on their own in a running or rowing format.

If athletes are looking to complete the workout as a row, this must be done during non-class hours. Such as Open Gym or between classes, 8:00-8:30am during weekdays.

The workout will be posted in the gym for 1 week and athletes will be able to post their times on the whiteboard.

Any questions can be directed to Tom Walsh ([email protected])