Beginning on Wednesday, May 29th, we will begin offering a new class twice a week. This class is free to all CrossFit The Rock Members and it will replace the 10:30am WOD class on Wednesdays and Fridays. We will still have the 10:30am WOD class on Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays. 

This class will be taught by our very own Kara Morrissey!

For non-members the cost is $20/class or $185/10-pack. 


RockFit – A New HIIT Class at CrossFit The Rock

Brand new, 60 minute, High Intensity Interval Training class at CrossFit the Rock.

Wednesdays and Fridays @10:45 – 11:45am. First Class on Wednesday, May 29th.

Improve your overall health and wellness through our unique blend of core to extremity movements. These movements are designed by nature to increase overall strength and conditioning.

This class will improve your cardiovascular endurance, build new lean muscle & increase your core stability.

Come to a Free Trial and experience our calorie burning class under the watchful eye of our certified coaches. We utilize basic CrossFit functional movements, circuit training, body weight exercises and mobility.

RockFit is constantly varied, fast paced, fun & energetic fitness at its best!

All levels welcome!

Please contact [email protected] if you’re interested in attending. 


Part I. Within 15min, complete 3 Rounds not for time:
– 7-10 Strict HSPU
– 10-16 Suitcase Step-ups
– 8-12 Strict Toes-to-Bar

Part II. 2 Rounds For Time:
– 40 Med Ball Cleans (20/14)
– 40 Burpee Box Jump Overs (24”/20”)

14min Cap.